Glazed Brick

Unique Heritage and Experience

Ibstock is the United Kingdom's biggest brick maker, with a heritage of clay products stretching back over 300 years. Their glazed bricks have proven durability and have been used across Europe. They are carefully manufactured to exceed American and European quality and performance standards. Ibstock glazed products are made using the finest natural raw materials to ensure a world leading quality, each time and every time. Glazed clay bricks and blocks because of their exceptional durability, clean surface and unrivalled colour range, are the perfect choice for a variety of projects. These include:

  • Subways, Airports and Transportation Projects.
  • Hospitals and Clinics.
  • Public Areas and Sports Facilities.
  • Commercial Centres and Shopping Malls.
  • Laboratory and Factory areas.
  • Historic and Restoration Projects.

Atlantic House - London
Glazed clay masonry is a high-performance walling system that offers the designer cost-effective construction, as well as low lifecycle costs with a lower carbon footprint over the entire life of the building. Fired at temperatures in excess of 2192°F (1200°C) the products develop exceptional performance characteristics from the high-quality raw materials used in the manufacturing process.


  • The natural clay bricks and blocks are exceptionally strong and resist impact damage.
  • The ceramic glazed finish is integral to the surface of the brick and will not peel, crack or delaminate.
  • The ceramic glaze itself is available in virtually any industry standard RAL colour, as well as a wide range of bespoke metallic and variegated
    finishes which allows the designer complete freedom to match or complement other materials.
  • Ceramic glazes are highly resistant to weathering, staining and fading, as well as graffiti damage and will not require repainting.
  • Minimal maintenance is required, often just a gentle washing with detergent and water to restore the original vibrant colours.

High-Quality Manufacturing

The manufacture of glazed bricks requires exceptional ceramic skills over and above those used for traditional brick making. The products are manufactured from high quality Westerwald cream coloured clay, which is renowned for its fine texture and even colour. The clay is finely ground to a particle size below 0.8 mm in size. This ensures a smooth body for the glaze, as well as a uniform strength and density. The glaze is made from natural mineral oxides mixed with the same clay as the base unit. This is then applied to the unfired "green" product. This is then fired at 2192°F in a tunnel kiln to complete the vitrification process. Using the same clay throughout ensures that the glaze and the body fuse to become totally homogeneous and will never delaminate.

Technical Data

The resultant product exceeds all relevant ASTM standards:

ASTM C - 1405: standard specification for glazed brick (single fired brick units)

ASTM C - 126: standard specification for ceramic glaze structural clay facing tiles, facing bricks and solid masonry units

ASTM E - 84: standard test method for surface burning characteristics of building materials

Mohs Hardness Scale >5

Standards Conformance

Meets or exceeds relevant ASTM Standards:ASTM C-1405, ASTM C-126 and ASTM E-84.

With a choice of six vibrant gloss colours, the new colour™ range from Ibstock is a major breakthrough in service, offering quick delivery and superb value for money. The use of real ceramic glazed bricks is a practical option to add stunning highlights to your building projects.
Available in standard Metric 215 x 102 x 65mm bricks as glazed stretcher or stretcher and headers. They are simple to lay and can be used to add colour accents, details and features to regular brickwork or Fireborn.

Colour Select
Stretching the imagination further, COLOUR SELECT gives the architect and specifier the opportunity to develop unique concepts in design by offering a greater freedom of choice; in colour, in size and in finish.

  • Choice in colour; to create a unique or eye-catching appearance or simply to match existing glazed brickwork. Virtually any colour from the RAL
    range can be specified.
  • Choice in size; both metric and imperial sizes are available in addition to British standard special shapes and fittings as well any custom size can
    be produced to suit your needs.
  • Choice in finish: from a high gloss to a matt clay coat. Salt glaze finishing is also available.

Glazed brick can be used in most masonry applications and elevations. Each product is made to exacting Ibstock quality specifications achieving the highest performance classification for frost resistance (F2) and size tolerance (T2R2) under BS EN771-1.

Choice in colour - to match with existing glazed brickwork for restoration or simply to create a unique appearance. Virtually any colour from the RAL colour range can be specified.

Choice in size – Metric or Imperial as well as British Standard special shapes and fittings

Choice in finish – from a high gloss to a matt clay coat.

Available Standard Colours


navy blue


royal blue

mid blue

blue bird

sky blue



bottle green




aqua marine









dark salmon





dark grey

light grey

antique white






Fireborn - Satin Pastels


sky blue






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